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It is designed for commercial and industrial Electrical Distributions It is Lightweight, Low Impedance, Non ventilated, naturally cooled, and totally Enclosed with steel or aluminum housing for protection against mechanical damages and dust accumulation. It consists of copper bars with purity >99.95% or aluminium bars with conductivity > 61%.

Unique features

  • Higher Efficiency In power transmission /Distribution

  • Lower installation cost

  • Easier Maintenance

  • more compact and suitable for tight plan room space

  • Higher Reliability

  • Longer life span

  • Higher flexibility for future expansionn

  • Extremely flexible in installation

Advantages of using Megaduct Conductors

  • High Electrical Conductivity

  • Low Impurity

  • Excellent fatique resistant

  • High Thermal Conductivity

  • High Mechanical strength

  • Outstanding Corrosion Resistant


Advantages of Using epoxy coating as insulations

  • Design to withstand glitch and spikes in electrical system

  • design to cater for expansion and contraction during peak and off peak hours

  • capable of withstanding heat shock

  • high reliablity under static conditions

  • High Mechanical strength against impact

  • High thermal Conductivity

  • water and chemical resistant

Standard Items