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IP65/ IP66 Junction boxes and Enclosures

Industrial enclosures have to withstand many stresses such as heat, cold, moisture, uv radiation& mechanical shock. Thats why Spelsberg offers many of its products in industrial quality. These enclosures and junction boxes made of glass fibre reinforced polycarbonate satisfy the most demanding material requirements and guarantee resilience, ruggedness, safety and longevity. Our products are Halogen free, VDE certified, lloyds register & UL listed.



  • Solar Protection

  • External Lighting

  • Flood Areas

  • Factories

  • facades

  • CCTV

Industrial Plug & sockets

We offer a wide range of high quality products in the various applications in the electrical installation sector. Contacts of our products  are made of zinc alloy which leads to a high corrosion resistance in areas of industrial atmosphere &Temperature resistance  ( -25C  to + 80 C). Plastic material in these products are  Polyamide 6 as well as PC/ABS which leads to high thermal stability , free from cadmium & halogen, 

  • AC Range- 16A ,32A ,63A ,125A 

  • AC -24V,42V,110V, 230V,400V,500V 

  • DC - 24V/42V

  • Pins- (2P+E), (3P+E), (3P+E+N),(6P+E)

  • Pins- (2P+E), (3P+E), (3P+E+N),(6P+E)


  • Factories

  • Boilers

  • Containers

  • Ship Yards

  • Building Sites

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Isolators & Switch Disconnectors

KATKO products are generally tailored in collaboration with the customer to suit their specific hygiene and performance needs such as endurance of both cold and warm jet water sprays, all kinds of moisture, chemicals and detergents.


  • Food Industry

  • Heavy Industry

  • Hazardous and Demanding Areas

  • Power Distribution

  • Renewable Energy

Features of Enclosed Isolators

  • UV Resistant

  • IP65 / IP66

  • IK08/ IK10

  • Self-Extinguishing Material

  • Door interlock with defeat mechanism

  • Pad lockable

  • Range: 10A -630A 

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range

Fast Cross linking 2 component Gel

  • Simple 1: 1 Ratio

  • Extremely Short Cross linking time

  • -60 to 200° C

  • Pale blue colour

Insulation of 0.6/1 kV electrical connections

  • Non Toxic

  • Re-enterable

  • Eco friendly

  • Protection from Rain, Moisture and insects

  • No Expiry Date


Weatherproof Wiring Accessories

IP Rated Accessories designed to protect against water and dust ingress the most arduous Conditions.